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How to Acquire Quality Users using Mobile Video Ads

Acquiring high-quality users is always a welcome prospect for any app developer or owner. By high-quality, these are users that are guaranteed to become long-term patrons, since they are practically targeted from the moment they see your ad and choose to use your app or avail of your offer. One of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal are mobile video ads.


The Efficiency of Mobile Video Ads

One of the main reasons why a lot of ad spenders invest on video ads is because they have a proven high user engagement as well as conversion rates. After all, a video ad is able to dispense information to your audience immediately and upfront, whether you are promoting an app or a specific product. Many experts believe that much of this hinges on the fact that these types of advertisements offer something that is fresh, at least, when compared to standard and static banner ads. Lastly, studies show that a lot of mobile users simply like to view videos on their devices, rather than any other kind of media.

Tips on How You Should Implement Your Video Ad Strategy

In order to make the most of your user acquisition endeavors through video ads, you have to always keep in mind a couple of guidelines, which are based on what has been proven to work. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should limit yourself to them alone. You should be equally willing to test out new video formats that work for you.

You should also be proactive in acquiring and analyzing the data that you receive in your tests, as they are your primary reference to ad performance as a whole. Don’t hesitate to seek the aid of your chosen mobile ad network by sharing the data that you gather over time; they would certainly be more than willing to share their expertise and insight in helping you optimize your campaign.

Prioritize user experience when deciding the formats that you are going to use Even if these kinds of ads have a higher user engagement, you still have to pay attention to details such as their layout as well as the times when they will appear and be ready for viewing. It wouldn’t hurt to localize your video as much as possible as well, as it would certainly appeal better to your target audience.

Connecting with Your Audience is Key

As much as possible, establish a good connection with your audience. People who are using video ads to promote products, for instance, are encouraged to speak in a more personal way to their audience. This is one sure way of establishing a great level of intimacy with them, which all the more complemented by the advantage that mobile devices bring to the table.

Plenty of app advertisers also use video ads, and those who know how to attract their prospective clients immediately make it a point to outline in a clear way all of their app’s various functions without sacrificing that much-needed brevity that a lot users nowadays are looking for in ads. Finally, don’t forget about your end cards and call-to-action; always make it a point to add it in your advertisement so users would always have a convenient way of reaching your offer.

Be Open to New Video Ad Types Available

A good testament to how powerful video ads have become is the fact that there are now numerous video ad types available at present. Besides video brand ads that increase brand awareness, there are also more innovative and attention-grabbing variations that are already available. One of these is virtual reality ads, which are able to capitalize on the fascination that people have on the rising technology that is virtual reality.

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