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Effective Ways to Choose the Right Advertising Network

Creating the right message is enough of a challenge; deciding where to put it is even more complex, and it’s a puzzle for marketing professionals as well as developers. At ADATHA, we specialize in fine-tuning the process by carefully monitoring the CPI rates on all traffic channels. What that means is a shift toward positive traffic and the related ROI yields you expect, while limiting exposure on channels that aren’t as likely to pay off in the loyal customers you seek. But delivering on that means you need real expertise in managing multiple marketing channels, and access to the database information designed to connect with people across those platforms. It’s a holistic marketing advantage that can’t be overstated.

We’ll help you get the right answers to important questions. For example, who is the target audience? This will always matter when it comes to decisions about demographics, geography, timing and event-driven strategies – in short, all the factors the we know puts your message in front of the right audience, and delivers the kind of user experience you want to provide and they’re likely to expect. Choosing a network isn’t always about cost, but understanding drivers and pricing structure inform your decision.

Not all ad networks are alike!

Ad networks catering to mobile marketing have proliferated with the surge in mobile technology, but to achieve the sales levels you need, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that any old ad network will do. Choose an ad network that:

  • Actively fine-tunes traffic to maximize those that produce the greatest ROI, and minimize sources with lesser ROI
  • Filter users to deliver eyeballs from those who are most likely to take action – focusing on delivering the highest quality and most loyal users, every time
  • Maintains strong relationships with high quality publishers with strong, professional content, high traffic ratings and strong SEO.
  • Has multiple marketing channels available

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