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How to drive High Quality app Installs with low cost

Raw numbers tell more than one story, and one of the smartest approaches to measuring success with app installs is to have as much data-driven clarity as possible about the quality of those installations. For example, one of the problems with the incentivized install can be the tendency to seek the reward and disregard the app – and that’s not the engagement that’s going to drive sales and grow your business.

The industry measures this success in user lifetime value (LTV). This metric – and campaigns that build on it – focuses on quality over quantity. There are times when driving the numbers makes sense, but for the most part, marketing managers and businesses want the ROI that comes with meaningful app engagement in the long term. Increasingly popular strategies include mobile deep linking, which sends targeted users to content on the basis of more granular data; other analytics-driven placements that connect with precise audiences, including video; and trial programs that are more flexible in allowing the user to experience the app and some of its features, perhaps with incentives that create a great experience. These strategies are designed to help you maximize investment in an affordable campaign.

Four Tips for Driving Quality Installs

  1. Fine-tune traffic: Sing the ADATHA platform, marketers are able to fine-tune who sees their ads in a way that has never before been possible. By focusing on the best of a large collection of marketing channels that may include Paid Search, Social Media, Video Promotion, App Discovery, Ad Icons, Email, App Reviews, In-App Display Advertising, or Virtual Currency, the best interaction – and the most advantageous traffic – can be obtained with minimal cost.

  2. Target active users: The ADATHA platform goes beyond “join it and forget it” networks that have large numbers of mostly inactive users. Publishing partners must be constantly re-evaluated for results as well as how well they match up with each campaign.

  3. Choose top-tier media partners:The low barrier to entry publishers enjoy has given rise to a rapidly growing body of outlets, but this variety has a downside – most of those outlets have very little visibility. Avoid the ad networks that simply allow any and all publishers to join, regardless of volumes and quality of traffic. Choose quality publishing partners that target your specific demographic, and with an acceptable level of traffic to make it worthwhile. ADATHA maintains strong and active relationships with hundreds of publishing partners, to ensure that you are getting the volume and type of traffic you need.

  4. Go beyond simple banners: Basic banner ads are easy to create, and represent the earliest form of online campaign. These are still an important part of any campaign, but to achieve the greatest level of success, marketers must consider multiple options and achieve the right mix of static banner ads and more active tools such as in-app advertising or app reviews.

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