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Important Strategies to build a Successful CPI Campaign

They’re not the only game in town, but if you want users to make your app their next install, the CPI campaign is likely the game to play. This cost-per-install model means that when mobile users install your app, you get paid. So it should be immediately obvious that how you build the campaign – the right messages, in the right places, at the right time for the right people – means the difference between a winning campaign and a costly learning experience. One of the keys to success is to deliver on app installs with a laser focus on quality, and that means managing traffic to maximize app engagements.

CPI tends to be the most favored acquisition method for mobile marketers, especially when combined with an incentivized model. Because it is performance-based and advertisers pay only when the desired action is taken, it is much easier to predict costs.

It’s all in the details

In cases where the desired action does not return an immediate payment – as is often the case with mobile software installs – it is important to focus on quality rather than quantity. Driving as many installs as possible in a short period of time may increase rankings in the short-term, but ad spend may get out of hand quickly. Fortunately, advertisers are now able to track more detailed information about where their users come from, what they do with the app after it has been installed, and what the lifetime value of each user may be. These sorts of metrics are vital to understanding where to target subsequent campaigns in order to bring the highest value users.

Predictive analytics and optimization

This is one area in which access to the best data – and the capacity for predictive analytics that makes that data actionable and meaningful – can make the deal. But there are wide difference in campaigns and what you want them to achieve, so it’s helpful to understand all of the models available to you. At AdAtha, we know how to optimize your messages for the different models you might consider, and can show you why the mobile-specific CPI works – as well as other CPA-CPL-CPC-CPM pay and price models.

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