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Introducing ADATHA PRO

ADATHA is thrilled to announce the launch of ADATHA PRO, the premium demand-side platform (DSP) for mobile advertisers and marketers to execute real-time bidding (RTB) and other programmatic trading methods.

ADATHA PRO comes packed with features that will enable advertisers to flourish within the competitive mobile app economy, and make the most of their ad campaigns. The platform uses real-time bidding and other programmatic methods to buy the best ad impressions across multiple publishers. ADATHA PRO intelligently assesses and values the inventory by using a combination of criteria such as their target audience’s age, gender, browsing habits, context, device and location, and then determines the best value for each impression.

Here’s a brief list of features that ADATHA PRO offers:

  • Self-managed dashboard for advertisers with an easy and comprehensive interface
  • Intuitive CPC and CPM bidding system
  • Support for multiple ad formats, including video.
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Customizable reports and analytical summaries
  • Easy integration with popular S2S tracking platforms
  • Wide range of targeting options, including Age, Gender, Location, Devices, etc..

Click HERE now to sign up and get started!

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