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Mobile Banner Ad Design Tips for Higher Conversions

Banner ads are one of the most proven effective ad types that can yield advertising success as long as they are implemented properly. It takes planning and finding out what formats work. For one, one of the primary determinants of conversion rate is the design of the banner.
How your banner’s design looks could also play an important role in how your visitors view the ads that you include as a whole. Many users tend to leave negative reviews of apps that integrate intrusive banner ads. By following our guidelines for mobile banner ad design, it wouldn’t be hard for you to optimize your future ad campaigns.


Determine Your Primary Purpose for Using Banner Ads

Do you really need to use banner ads for your purposes? Studies show that banner ads are best used for increasing brand awareness. If your company is already quite popular, then you may want to consider other options. A lot of businesses also readily choose banner ads because they are extremely cost-friendly. If your purpose is geo-targeting, then know that banner ads also offer more advanced targeting options that’s perfect for it. Once you attain a solid reason for using these types of ads, then it would certainly be easier for you to start focusing on optimizing your ads’ design for your audience.

Know the Right Banner Size to Use

You already be aware by now that using the wrong dimension for your banner might lead to it being displayed incorrectly, or worse, not be displayed at all What’s good is that most good ad networks provide their advertisers with their own guidelines and banner size recommendations that would ensure high conversions.

A right-sized banner should be able to provide adequate visibility without compromising user experience. If your banner is too large, it could lead to a lot of accidental clicks which doesn’t really bring much benefit to the advertiser. This is why expandable banners are a good alternative as visitors click them on their own accord to view their full size, thereby erasing the need to worry about banner size.

Simplicity is Key

Always be mindful of the fact that a lot of your visitors have short attention spans. This is why you should prioritize brevity when it comes to creating your ads. Don’t make it too verbose and wordy. It’s best to use as little words that pack that much-needed punch as possible. When it comes to visual design, steer clear of colors that are too vivid as they tend to be annoying if not outright vexing.

Never Underestimate Call-to-Action

Any good advertiser would undeniably have only good things to say about a call-to-action text that can convince a lot of visitors to tap on your offer. Experts recommend to keep your call-to-action as short and to-the-point as much as possible. These short but attractive texts should prove to be enough in convincing users tap on the ad.

Include Eye-Catching Rewards

Almost any visitor’s fancy can be easily caught by a well-placed discount offer or reward that you add in your banner ads. However, this is arguably only limited to ads that intend to introduce discounts or offers. Use images that are easily alluring, and don’t hesitate to highlight your offer by using bold letters, numbers, and symbols in it

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