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Various Factors to Consider on Deciding Best Ad Network

An ad network bridges the gap between advertisers and the websites that want to host their ads. However, with ad networks thriving across the globe in plenty, it is difficult to choose one that is suited to your requirement and vision.

Picking up the right ad network for your business is crucial for effective display advertising. In order to design a successful display advertising campaign, businesses need to understand how mobile ad networks work to make a well-informed choice. Following is a list of various factors any one looking for a mobile ad network must consider to select only the best ad network in the market for their requirement.


The choice of a mobile ad network depends on the audience you are trying to reach out. In case your aim is to reach out to as many people possible globally, it makes sense to partner with a large mobile ad network with its tentacles across the globe. However, if your business serves a specific local region, a mobile ad network that specializes in a particular geographical area can deliver better results for your business.

The size of the ad network also matters. Ideally, a larger network means more publishers and a better chance of matching your advertisement with the right website. However, bigger is not always better, and many other factors such as those listed below should heavily influence your choice.

User Experience

At a time when no one wants to pay for the apps they are using, the users do expect to see advertisements, but it helps to choose a mobile ad network that is more liberal and lets developers control the timing and placement of ads to minimise interruptions in user experience. Remember, while it is important to have your ad displayed to the audience, it shouldn’t be in bad taste, as that would significantly bring down user retention.

Pricing model

While you will mostly find ad networks offering CPM (cost per million) or CPC (cost per click) model, a network with CPA (cost per action) model can actually benefit you much more in the longer run as you are paying when a user actually takes an action such as installing or signing up on an app.


Thorough research precedes every right choice you make in life; so don’t compromise when it comes to choosing a mobile ad network. Does your mobile network offer any additional features? Does it offer you tools to optimize your display content? How about the support services offered by the ad network? What is the quality of ads displayed by the network? Have you checked the numbers – does the network have a good fill rate in the area you want to target?

Ask these questions and do thorough research before you partner with a mobile ad network. A quality display advertising campaign can work magic for your business if you partner with the right people and it is only prudent to choose the best.

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