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What Makes a Great Mobile Ad Campaign? Important Strategies & Key Takeaways

Mobile is the future – with most people spending over 6 hours on their mobiles everyday. Mobiles have taken the world by storm – from shopping to browsing the internet or watching videos, the mobile has risen from being a simple tool to communicate to one that rules and permeates into every aspect of our lives. Which obviously means that businesses who need to reach out need to spend more on mobile marketing, spending not only money but also time, effort and creativity.

Mobile marketing is a relatively virgin territory but one that is laden with perils of going horribly wrong if not planned well. An average user has an attention span of less than 10 seconds and an effective ad campaign must deliver the right message in those few seconds, lest the consumers are left with a bad taste in their mouth.

Incomplete copies, content that is out of context for the target audience or an ad that is simply poorly executed will only lead to wastage of precious money you could have used to effectively reach out to the millions of smartphone users.

Here are some important strategies for an effective mobile ad campaign:

Choose the target well

Before you launch any mobile marketing campaign, choose your audience first to deliver an experience that is tailored to your target audience. Knowing your users helps you decide what kind of advertisement and platforms will work best for your business. Further, geo-targeting your audience is the way forward for mobile advertising.

Key takeaway

  • Design your campaign around the target audience and use geo-targeting for optimal effect.

Ad format

Choosing the right ad format can ensure an effective mobile ad campaign that does not irritate the users. Generally speaking, banner advertisements that don’t cover the entire screen are more user-friendly than pop ups that cover up the whole screen, often irritating the users.

Videos are going to be the future of the mobile app advertising but ensure to stick in a skip option for the sake of uninterested users as well as your analytics.

Key takeaway

  • Mobile ads should attract a user, not annoy them. Choose your format accordingly.

Time and place

Timing is everything – and so it is for mobile advertising as well. Time your ad campaign when you can actually deliver what you advertise. Mobile ads offer high conversion rates and you don’t want interested users turning away. It is also a good idea to strategize where you would advertise – for example, in app advertising can generate max returns as the number of app loving people is on a steady increase.

Key takeaway

  • Advertise when you are ready.
  • Research where your target audience is likely to be found – for example, advertising through gaming apps to reach out to young adults.
  • Utilize in-app advertising to your advantage.

Call to action

An advertisement without a call to action is like a directionless arrow out of your quiver. Use a call to action that prompts the user to act on your advertisement – offering freebies, discounts and gift items are great. And do not forget to include a phone number that someone at your end would certainly answer.

Key takeaway

  • An effective call to action is central to a successful mobile ad campaign.

Having a well-planned marketing strategy in place can take your business places. To measure the success of your ad campaign, employ intelligent analytics and regularly analyze the results to effectively build on your strategy on an ongoing basis.

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